Blood Type Compatibility Chart    


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  Sometimes we do not get the required type of blood during emergency need. In that cases we can use compatible blood groups to meet the emergency needs. A list of compatible blood groups are given below. Depending on whether you need only Red Cells, Whole Blood or Plasma, the compatible blood groups may vary. The following chart is for your reference only. Please consult with a qualified doctor for the decision making of blood transfusion.

Blood Group Compatibility Chart

Blood group
Can Accept Blood from:
Red Cells Whole Blood Plasma
O +ve O +ve
O -ve
O +ve
O -ve
Any O, A, B or AB
O -ve O -ve O -ve Any O, A, B or AB
A +ve A +ve, A -ve,
O +ve or O -ve
A +ve or A -ve Any A or AB
A -ve A -ve or O -ve A -ve Any A or AB
B +ve B +ve, B -ve,
O +ve or O -ve
B +ve or B -ve Any B or AB
B -ve B -ve or O -ve B -ve Any B or AB
AB +ve AB +ve, AB -ve
A +ve, A -ve
B +ve, B -ve
O +ve or O-ve
AB +ve or AB -ve Any AB
AB -ve AB -ve,
A -ve,
B -ve or
O -ve
AB -ve AB
  What is your probability of getting blood during emergency need? You can use the following chart to know the distribution and ratio of blood groups or blood types.    



      O +ve 1 person in 3 38.4%
      O -ve 1 person in 15 7.7%
      A +ve 1 person in 3 32.3%
      A -ve 1 person in 16 6.5%
      B +ve 1 person in 12 9.4%
      B -ve 1 person in 67 1.7%
     AB +ve 1 person in 29 3.2%
     AB -ve 1 person in 167 0.7%

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